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A Solar Step Towards Net Zero

Taking another step on our decarbonisation journey and moving closer towards our Net Zero 2030 pledge, we have recently completed a 99 kWp PV Solar Array installation at our Fradley Park site.

The system should generate around a quarter to a third of our current electricity usage at the site and goes a long way towards bringing down our CO2 footprint. Forecast to generate 90,000 kWh and remove almost 21,000 kg of CO2 per annum, we are both delighted with and proud of the investment.

What is Net Zero? This is where we balance the greenhouse gas emissions that we emit into the atmosphere with those that we eliminate and remove over a given time-period.

Together with the Renault Trucks UK Dealer Network, we have made a pledge to reach Net Zero by 2030. We have already started this journey fully converting over to LED lighting at our sites, reviewed our waste practices to ensure zero landfill, switch a number of our own fleet to electric vehicles and now completed on a major solar installation.