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Today is electric

Evolution is an investment in your business today and helps future proof the long term for your fleet operations.

Click through the options below to transport yourself through your electric journey.


Evolution will provide all the information and detail you will need to ensure successful electric vehicle operation for your business.

Provide alternatives on vehicle specifications ideally suited to your business.

Confirm services required to support your electric vehicles

On charging infrastructure required to operate electric vehicles

Illustrate total cost of operation

Finance options best suited to your requirements

Dedicated evolution account management


How electric vehicles operate in your business

Your operational requirements

How EV can work in your day to day operation

How you evolve to operating electric vehicles

Requirements for vehicle specification

Total cost of ownership compared with traditional ICE vehicles

Funding requirements

Ongoing support and service


Evolution will advise on the different levels of infrastructure requirements, with simple initial start-up solutions through to more advanced smart solutions.

EV affordable entry level charging starts with our AC charging solutions from simple wall mount 7KWh charge points or our pillar 22KWh charge solutions.

Planning for the future we can offer DC fast charging solutions and will work with your energy suppliers to understand site capacity and requirements.

Feasibilty & TCO

Vehicle Specification

Evolution can supply an electric vehicle to your required specification

All Loader Range Models available with electric vehicle specification

Master Red Edition Vans available to your usual specifications

Ancillary equipment can be supplied as on traditional vehicles

Evolution will supply a Total Plug and Go vehicle solution ideally suited to your operating requirements

Infrastructure Specification

Which required Kwh output is required to meet operational needs

Identify charger type against charge requirements

Evolution site survey


Handover & Training

Pre-delivery checks

Delivered to your location fully charged, ready for handover, training & operation

An important part of the evolution offer is ensuring the integration into the operation will be seamless. During our EV process we consider the best routes for operation and plan this ahead of delivery.

Our handover specialists will work alongside your drivers on handover to demonstrate best practice to maximise the vehicle performance.

Account Management

With your evolution to electric vehicles we will work with you to ensure you gain maximum operating efficiency.

With a dedicated Account Manager assigned you will have access to support and information throughout the induction process.

Account management will support trial vehicles to allow you to experience electric vehicles in your operation.

Our Account Management will support the vehicle operation and charging infrastructure.

Evolution are committed to working with you in Partnership to ensure successful electric vehicle operation ensuring you gain operational and competitive advantage for your business.


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